Shark: Shark x The Rapper
Silver Award
Shark energy drink is long lost brand communication that makes Shark has problem with decline of brand awareness, not clear on brand positioning and not growth on brand consideration. Then Shark wants to rejuvenate the brand and find something to solve their problems.
Babi Mild: My beloved monster
Gold Award
As no.1 market leader in baby care product
Betagro Sausage #เปิดสัมผัสความอร่อยกับโป๊บ
Silver Award
Compete : “Strong and Well-Know Competitor”
M-150: Cheer up
As a market leader, M-150 wants to strengthen brand preference as “a brand that cheers up for Thais” and remain no.1 TOM brand among all working-class laborers. With highly competitive market & aggressive activities towards this target audience